Reasons for Italian Food Popularity

Italian food

There is no debate whether the Italian Food is the most popular food across the world, especially in the Western countries. The majority of the people prefer cooking an Italian food like spaghetti, pizza, and many others. Italian food is a traditional food that has been cooked in the past especially during the Romanian time. Among the different Italian foods, they are served with good desserts like carrots, succhini, and pepper among other vegetables. Popular drinks like expresso coffee are
also part of the Italian foods. The main question is why the popularity of the Italian food? The following are some of the answers to this question.

  1. Easy to cook

Nearly every country manufacture different kinds of noodles that are the easiest to cook. Pasta is an incredible gift from the Italians to every culture. Are you hungry? Just boil a packet of noodles and the end result is awesome. You will definitely enjoy eating the food.

  1. It is of high Quality

Have you ever met anyone who does not like Italian food? I can bet it is rare. This is because Italian foods are well known for their quality production. The manufacturing process produces products that are unique and of recommendable standards. If you want to eat quality food, simply go
for Italian cuisine.

  1. The Food is Healthy

In addition to quality, Italian foods are healthy. Most of  them are known to prevent heart diseases and cancer. This is because they are made of natural products that have nutritional and health value to our bodies. The food has become popular among many people because of the emerging health

  1. It is Enjoyable to eat

Salads, desserts, coffee, and food are delicious. Think of eating a pizza or drinking espresso coffee or eating noodles. You are probably salivating now. It is definitely delicious and enjoyable to eat. Most of the Italian dishes can be cooked in different ways to make them tasty.

  1. They are readily available

Pasta, noodles, vegetables and many other Italian products are readily available in our local stores. You do not have to worry where to get another packet of pasta of pizza because the market is flooded with Italian dishes.

  1. The ingredients are Affordable

Anyone can buy Italian ingredients and master how to cook them. You do not have to buy ready-made desserts, you can actually make one at home and enjoy your dishes like pasta or noodles. You can make the food spicy or tastier by adding affordable ingredients like pepper.

  1. It offers a Variety of Dishes

If you have ever attended Italian cuisine you can agree with this point. It offers a wide range of
foods that you can choose from. For example, there are different types of pasta or pizza that you can buy or make at home. It covers all age groups, from children to old people.

  1. It is definitely balanced diet

Italian foods are well known to have balanced nutrients and calories. You do not have to worry about gaining extra calories when on the Italian diet. It is suitable for your health. Also, Italian foods can be stored for long is you keep them in a dry and clean environment.




Discover the Secrets of Fresh Delicious Italian Food


Did you know that Italy has got a big selection of foods from almost all parts of the world? There are restaurants in almost all the major cities in the world offering their fresh and delicious meals. Most of their fresh foods ranging from fresh cheese, pizza and tomato sauces among others. Fresh and delicious Italian meals are very simple to prepare since they are made from simple ingredients that are seasoned.

Italy is known to be unique in its culture, food and scenery. With its wonderful cuisine, you cannot miss. Most of its foods are prepared from fresh ingredients which make it yummy and delicious. Common fresh ingredients used are:

GarlicGarlic is very common in Italian food. It has a shape resembling an onion but with a strong pungent and strong smell. It is used when raw, fresh or processed. Before using garlic, it is important to peel and chop it into smaller pieces or use its minced version. Most of the people who use it, like its sour taste. It makes the food to be fire breathing and hot. Garlic has many health benefits in preventing diseases and preventing common cold.

Tomato paste. Tomato is one of the most common ingredients used in making fresh and delicious Italian meals. It is used when raw, cooked, sauce, juice or salad. When used in raw in food, it makes it fresher and brings out its natural taste. Tomato is commonly used for its taste, colour and its health benefit. It is known to produce antioxidant species which prevent chronic illness.

BersilBersil is used because it is an aromatic herb. It has green or purple leaves and produces different scents reminiscent of cinnamon, cloves and lemon. It is added to Italian food and can also be mixed with garlic and tomato pastes making a fantastic blend. The most common food made from basil is called Pesto and is made from green basil leaves mixed with olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan. Next time you are doing shopping for basil, check the fresh green and healthy ones. It should also have an earthy smell.

CheeseCheese makes food delicious and tastes great. It is used for its flavouring property, colour and texture. Different types of cheese exist but most of them are made from milk products which form a coagulate of proteins. Cheese is used in two common types: mozzarella and parmesan. Each has different taste but can be used in the same meal. The best selling mozzarella is buffalo’s mozzarella which can be compared with cow’s mozzarella. Most would take grated mozzarella since it delicious but for those who need the natural cheese, fresh Parmesan is always the choice. Parmesan is blocks of cheese that are added to food to add instant flavour.

Three Common fresh Italian food

Caprese Salad added Pesto SauceIt is made using Mozzarella cheese mixed with tomato juice then topped up with fresh pesto sauce. This mixture produces delicious fresh meal you cannot miss.

PanzenellaThis food has not specific ingredients but it is made with majorly bread and tomatoes. It can also be added other fresh additives to produce great taste.

Mushroom RisottoThis is an ideal plate made with mushrooms mixed with butterfly risotto. It’s a plate that makes you salivate.

Next time you do a visit to Italy or an Italian restaurant, be sure ask a plate of a fresh and delicious Italian meal. Enjoy the freshly prepared food with fresh ingredients that provide you with vast health benefits.

Homemade Italian desserts you need to try

Create an Italian atmosphere in your kitchen, by adding a few homemade Italian recipes to the mix. Indulge in tasteful homemade desserts straight from the Italian cuisine. Surprise your guests with Amaretto Biscotti, Mini Zeppoles, Lemon Ricotta Cake and traditional favourite Panna Cotta.

These are especially good if you are planning to host a special celebration or a romantic evening. Transform your kitchen into an Italian bistro and serve Italian homemade desserts that everyone loves. Visiting Italy have not only made me fall in love with their culture, but also their food. Especially their desserts.

These are four of my favourite desserts that you need to try right now:

Amaretto Biscotti

One of the most classic desserts from Italy is the Biscotti. Biscotti are almond biscuits that originated in the city of Prato. They are crunchy, twice baked and dipped in drink – like liquor or sauce. There are many ways you can make a biscotti, but the most classic recipe is the Amaretto Biscotti.

You get Amaretto Biscotti when you add Amaretto liquor, almonds and vanilla extract to the mix. The Biscotti biscuits are then being folded in raw and chocolate covered almonds that gives it extra crunch and taste.

Mini Zeppoles

If you are a big fan of pastry, you will love the Mini Zeppoles. The Zeppoles are mini Italian donut holes that are crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. It is not without reason it has become the people of Italy’s favourite homemade desserts. Mini Zeppoles are covered in sugar, chocolate or sometimes cinnamon and it is one of those desserts you need to add to your list.

Lemon Ricotta Cake

With its rich flavour and exclusive taste, the third dessert you need to try is the Lemon Ricotta Cake. If you are a cheese lover you will settle for this dessert as it filled with creamy whey goat cheese. When making a Lemon Ricotta Cake you can add anything to the mix, berries, chocolate, nuts – whatever you desire. It Is one of the easiest Italian recipes out there and will become one of your favourite desserts to make.

Panna Cotta

The fourth dessert that needs attention is the famous Panna Cotta, that has been popular throughout Italy for years. It not only looks and tastes like a dream, but it is also one of the quickest recipes to make and can be prepared in advance. The Italian dessert is made of sweetened cream, thickened with gelatine and moulded. You can make your own flavoured cream by adding rum, coffee, vanilla or other flavouring to the mix. Panna Cotta are often served with berries or almonds to give it a more richer taste.

Now that I have tempted you with these traditional and classic recipes I hope it will inspire you to try more Italian homemade desserts. If you feel that you don’t have the right cooking skills to be able to make these, I recommend visiting Italy anytime in the future.

Italian Express Lunches

italian lunchesOver the years, Italian food has really developed. There are recipes that can be traced to so many centuries ago and there are heavy influences on how the cuisine has been shaped and changed over the years. There are influences such as Jewish, byzantine, ancient roman, Greek and Etruscan. There have been changes over the years with the most diversion taking place with the discovery of the Americas. The food has always been characterized by a remarkable simplicity. Its diversity is however also quite intriguing. There are a lot of products of excellence in the Italian food products that are available. These foods are usually those that follow recipes that have actually been inherited from chefs who were quite superb in the centuries preceding our own. In the past, there were set standards in the preparation of various Italian dishes that had to be followed to the letter to ensure that they were correct and that the outcome would be simply awesome. You can expect the best foods to have a very seductive aroma that explore traditional flavours, and eliminate the artificial additives that are so common in global eating habits today. To be able to enjoy Italian food to the greatest limit, Italian food excellence requires that wholesome ingredients be used. Natural flavours are incorporated and this is what makes them so unique and so inviting. Culinary experts understand that the body needs to be protected and that is why so much attention is given to Italian food ensuring that it comes out as perfectly and nutritious as it should be. Italian food quality is one of the selling points of the products that the country makes. This is why Italian products are so celebrated in different parts of the globe. It is good for the health especially when you are aware that the artificial additives as well as colourings are usually eliminated from the Italian Express Lunches. You can be able to find such foods at some of the most amazing stores especially those that specialize in Italian products. Pastry shops and delicatessens are also a great place to start. The quality of the food is highly improved when the flavours of the past are preserved. Establishments that are dedicated to making high quality Italian products available can also be trusted in the making of the best quality food.’ Italian food trade specializes in the presentation of the best products ever. This may cover fast food outlets or chains, catering companies, hotels, pizzerias, restaurants and all people that may be in need of the highest quality and great efficiency. There is a need to have a place where the temperatures are controlled to ensure that the products are always top quality and value. Partnering with reliable people and with the right certification, it is very easy to make sure that the quality is as it should be and that the clients will thoroughly enjoy the outcome. I guarantee you that if you spend twenty minutes making your family a fresh healthy tomato sauce you will never go back to buying a ready made version. As well as this, coupled with the recommended amount of exercise each week you will soon find that you really can make a difference to your waist-line. The beauty about Italian food is its simplicity; it really is a case of less is more. A basic tomato sauce consists of nothing more than tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. To make the sauce takes no more than twenty minutes from start to finish, cook the pasta (use wholemeal if you’re really health conscious) while the sauce is cooking and you should be sitting down to a very healthy and nutritious meal within half an hour. I can’t guarantee that Italian food will solve the world of all of it’s obesity problems but if we all started to take a leaf out of their cook books and start to eat a basic healthy diet consisting of the above ingredients we will be taking giant steps in the right direction.

Healthy Italian Food

Have you ever been in an Italian restaurant looking at the menu and wondering if any of the items listed can be considered as ‘healthy Italian foods’? Among the spicy and sometimes even greasy food items on the menu, there lies a myriad of healthy food options that can serve to your advantage if you are hoping to get a worthy meal. Italian food necessitates the need for healthy food by giving an almost all healthy recipe. This type of food is also appealing in another area, taking you back in time where the lure of fast food was unheard of.

Unlike popular belief that healthy food is ‘boring’ and tasteless, sometimes even lacking in creativity, healthy Italian food has defied all odds and expectations to become delicious even to the harshest of food critics. Although most Italian cuisines have been improvised to suite modern taste buds, Italian foods have not yet completely veered off from their cultural heritage and in the process preserving some healthy alternatives.

All in all, whether you are in an Italian restaurant or at home wondering what to cook, choose healthy with some of these alternatives listed below:

  1. Choose healthy soup. Soup is a vibrant mix of all the important nutrients, set to fully replenish your hunger. A good example is the Hearty Minestrone soup which is full of beans and vegetables, an important source of both protein and fiber.
  2. If you like salads then definitely go for the big Italian salad. Such salad is a beautiful combination of cherry tomatoes, celery, onions and lettuce. Another,an equally important salad, is a Caesar salad. The garlic, anchovies, mayonnaise and cheese provide important omega-3 fats.
  3. Seafood is a good healthy alternative. The Ligurian seafood stew made of clams and cooked with virgin oil is a very healthy alternative.

Healthy Italian foods are not just a facet light soups and salads. The food alternatives head in to the ‘heavy’ side with beef and chicken. Such foods include: the classic spaghetti meatball, rigatoni with beef and eggplants and Neapolitan meatballs.Chicken recipes include: chicken tetrazzini, chicken piccata and stuffed chicken thighs braised in tomato sauce. These are some of the best choices for you if you are a meat lover.The Italian cuisine also offers a range of healthy sandwiches, but the best is probably the Italian vegetable hoagies.

The Italian healthy food alternative is clearly not just the bare, tasteless and ‘boring’ options we are used to. Being one of the countries on the map for the longevity of it’s citizens, the abundance of cultural healthy foods has been the key ingredient in ensuring Italians live long and healthy lifestyles. As the healthy food business develops and the awareness of it’s importance grows, Italian healthy foods will elevate into new hight’s and open up a window to brand new tastes and smells. As true as this statement is, Italian food will still give us the good old pasta and pizza recipes to its lovers.

The next time you walk into an Italian restaurant, choose a healthy alternative.